What people say...

A big thank you to my wonderful clients for your custom and generous reviews ūüôā

When I first went to Frances in 2017 for Kinesiology, my health was very poor. I went to doctors and had blood tests and I was told everything was fine however I did not feel fine. My energy levels were on the floor and my kidneys were not good either. I used to get up 4 to 5 times a night to go toilet. 

After the first session, I slept the whole night through. I could not believe it. I went for a good few sessions at the beginning to get me back to feeling normal. I still go to Frances every year when I feel I need to, to get myself balanced. I would 100% recommend her, she is amazing. Anne 

 I have been attending Frances for almost a year and I can safely say she has turned my life around. I was at my wits end when I took a what I thought was a silly quizz on Instagram. The next day I got a phone call from Frances and out of the blue I booked an appointment.

I arrived on the back of being continually sick for about 18 months. 4 antibiotics ,3 courses of steroids for chest infections and blood pressure tablets. My sleep was non existent. I was fed up with myself and the whole world was wrong there was no joy left in the world.

Frances listened intently and knew what to ask but most importantly what not to ask as I was a very closed book. Over the course of time, I can’t actually tell you what she did for me in those sessions and if I tried to explain it, would sounds all airy fairy and a bit out there.

With very little work on my part I am now off all medication and for the most part sleep well every night. I now make plans and keep them. I am learning how I am important in the world and that I need to put myself first more. Frances has opened my mind to different experiences and I am now actively looking for different ways to survive the rat race. Frances is a kind funny special soul and I look forward to our sessions. Thelma 


This is a list I keep on my phone since my sessions with Frances.

  • Not being able to go to bad thoughts.
  • Remembering happy memories I had forgot.
  • Emotional on Saturday for no reason. Huge release of emotion.¬†
  • A lot of different feelings and intuition.¬†
  • Pain in left leg after session.¬†
  • Feeling completely relaxed.
  • Relief from back pain following the session. Pain in left leg remains.¬†
  • All stress gone from upper body to lower body.
  • Completely feel at ease.
  • Weight has dropped.
  • Finding it easier to be organised and not let things get in on me as much.
  • Noticing a lot of things I think, manifest or say are happening-weird but exciting. AC

I reconnected with Frances 2 years ago. Since then, I have had the fantastic opportunity to complete Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 under her magical guidance and look forward so much to the next step on this journey. I write this review just as the Lionsgate portal will be at its strongest, tomorrow, 8/8/2023. This is very fitting as the Leo Sun, Earth and the star Sirius come into alignment. 

Everything about this magical, powerful and spiritual time reminds me of how I see Frances and the work she does for her students and clients. Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the sky, you could call it our spiritual Sun. Frances and her fantastic work is the epitome of this star. Her light is so bright, it fills every room. Her advanced wisdom enables you to illuminate the truth of your own timeless soul. Her light energy is one of the brightest and highest vibrations I have had the privilege to encounter.

 Through her teaching and healing, she enables one to bring more healing, peace and love into their own being. Like the number 8, her energy flow transcends your being and is spiritually infinite in nature. Her work enables you to find that self-power and strength that may have been hidden. Under her guidance, one can truly transform to their highest vibration and take on the wildest of challenges. 

Her Honesty, Confidence and Gratitude helps you to understand that the most important relationship is the one with self. She teaches you how to visualise your goals, how to connect with nature and how to truly care for oneself, as well as others. She delivers high-frequency energy into our being, enabling us to rebirth our spiritual energy, inspire new ideas and enhance our own natural abilities (whatever they may be). She is a true lightworker. I am privileged to have her as a teacher, mentor and above all else a sincere and true friend. Thank you so much for enhancing and inspiring my being. You are, what I consider, an earth angel. Blessed be. Shellie


Frances helped me with my ongoing battle with vertigo, After a few sessions of  kinesiology  I  felt refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed . She is a joy to go to and I was very happy with the results. My vertigo has now gone.  Roisín  


Having had trouble with swollen ankles I visited Frances for Kinesiology treatment. After two visits I noticed the swelling much reduced and felt it was well worth going. Val


I have been going to Frances for almost a year now. When I first arrived I was suffering from chronic fatigue, a lack of focus, recurring health problems such as chest infections and a general confusion on my path. I was working very hard at the time but I still couldn’t see the road ahead of me. My shoulder was to the wheel but I couldn’t see past the car or who was driving.

Since then I have made a number of very crucial and tough decisions regarding finances, my career, my health and the people I work with. I can honestly say that Kinesiology and working with Frances has played a huge part in that. I am physically and spiritually stronger than I’ve been in years and I intend to continue with this practice for years to come. I would strongly recommend Frances to anyone. Will

I had a very positive first experience in my kinesiology session with Frances. With her I discussed physical and emotional issues; Breathing – difficulty taking breaths, Circulation – constantly waking up in the night with dead arms and, Emotional – how I was feeling.”

“The thing that had the biggest impact on me immediately was how the session had helped me heal emotionally¬† I never expected this to be the outcome but literally the next day I felt stronger, happier, more level-headed headed and for lack of a better word – healed. I felt more love, forgiveness and compassion in areas of my life where I hadn’t had those feelings before. It made me feel like I was ok again.”

“In the weeks that followed I did notice an improvement with my circulation and breathing. Frances is so easy to talk to and I am really looking forward to my next session. I would recommend her to anyone. You just don’t know what you are going to get out of it before you go. You have to go and see for yourself. Caroline


My biggest kinesiology miracle to date has do to with my throat and chest infections, something which I’ve suffered from since I was a child. I remember Frances told me that my lungs were harbouring a bacteria that they should have recognised as unhealthy but didn’t, hence the recurring infections. We did some kind of a tapping process and now I haven’t suffered from a throat or chest infection or cough in over 2 years.

Also I was going through a period of suffering from anxiety, possibly brought on by traumas which I suffered while travelling. I can’t remember the treatment but I definitely feel a lot less anxious and stressed now and haven’t suffered any panic attacks since then. I always leave after a session feeling much more relaxed and positive.

Thanks, Frances, I have to admit I was more than a bit sceptical of kinesiology at first. But having seen the results I’d happily recommend it to anyone, and frequently do. Nessa