I have been having disturbed sleep for many months now, sleeping only 2 hours at a time. I have tried many remedies such as camomile tea, meditation and herbal supplements.

My latest idea was to invest in an earthing sheet for my bed. This is an organic cotton fitted sheet with a grid of silver metallic threads running through it. You plug it into an electrical socket where it connects the sheet to the earth wire only and voila you are plugged into the earth while sleeping. For optimal benefits it is recommended that you sleep naked, which is highly recommended also for balancing hormones and improving metabolism and circulation.

I put the earthing sheet on my bed 3 weeks ago and I have increased my sleeping hours from 2 hours to 3 hours last week and last night 5 hours straight. I am over the moon. The first night I snuggled into bed I felt a very natural tiredness come over me and thought about summer days lying on the grass, cloud watching.

We were naturally earthing or grounding ourselves on a regular basis then. We also trusted our instinct to physically connect with the earth to recharge and balance our bodies energetically. Electrons that flow into our feet and body through earthing balance our energy circuits or meridians and improve our overall wellbeing. Is it time to reconnect with the earth and heal disease especially inflammatory disease which is only too common in the modern world. I will keep you posted on future developments with my sleep.